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Perspectives on the Business of Beer Tourism

Perspectives on the Business of Beer Tourism

By Jeff Maisey Coming of age – legal drinking age that is – in the early 1980s was akin to living in the Dark Ages for a beer consumer in Virginia. Transitioning to an Age of Discovery required an exploration beyond Norfolk, Virginia city limits (my hometown) in a quest for good beer. The post-prohibition,

Great American Beer Fest: Virginia Winners

BY JEFF MAISEY Breweries from Virginia scored medals today (October 8) at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado. Here’s the list of Virginia Winners: Gold Medal Devils Backbone, Danzig, Baltic-style Porter Ornery Beer Co, Light of Cologne, German-style Koelsch Ocelot Brewing, Sunnyside Dweller, Kellerbier Devils Backbone, Vienna Lager, Vienna-style Lager   Silver Medal Sweetwater

Going Big in Petersburg with Trapezium Brewing Company

Words by Steve Deason & Jeff Maisey. Photo by Kathy Keeney When asked why the first beer he brewed at Trapezium was a Czech Pilsner when he had never brewed a lager before, Brewmaster James Frazer answered, “You gotta go big.  This whole project has gone big. It was a calculated risk and that’s the process

Small Breweries That Self-Distribute in Virginia

By Annie Tobey Prohibition may have officially ended in 1933, but the effects of the temperance movement linger. One result of that “Great Experiment,” the three-tier system, declared that producers (breweries) were to sell their product to wholesale distributors, who in turn sold it to the restaurants, bars and retailers. Eighty years later, the system