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Fill ‘er Up at Pints ‘O Plenty

Fill ‘er Up at Pints ‘O Plenty

Just 45 minutes outside of Roanoke, located in Forest, VA, Pints ‘O Plenty, one of the largest homebrew supply stores in the state of Virginia, and its sister brewery, Apocalypse Ale Works often get overflow traffic from visitors to the Blue Ridge Beer Way.  Owners, Doug and Rosalie (Lee) John think that it’s “awesome to

A Taste of the Past

              By Jennifer McDonald In colonial times, taverns served a multi-purpose function.  You could eat, drink, sleep, and stable your horse at one of the many (18 at one point) taverns in the Capital city.  Today, Colonial Williamsburg features four taverns – King’s Arm, Christiana Campbell’s, Shields, and Chowning’s. 

Beer Run

999 bottles of beer on the wall…No, that’s not a typo! According to Josh Hunt, co-owner of Beer Run, they feature anywhere from 800 to 1,000 different bottles of beer in their retail bottle shop. Beer Run, located on the edge of the Belmont and Woolen Mills neighborhoods in Charlottesville, is actually a hybrid bottle