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Drink and Think Strange

Drink and Think Strange

By Robey Martin It all started at a SB 604 and HB 359 signing party. Not the idea of a brewery, Neil Burton had that already. But the partnership. Mike Hiller and Burton, his now partner/co-owner, have only known each other a short time, a little over two years. “I was visiting from Northern Virginia

All Hail the Mighty Pumpkin

By Jeff Maisey A headless horseman – actually riding on the back of a ferocious bear – gallops through the forested mountains of Nelson County with bow and arrow on hand in search of prey. The rider isn’t seeking to terrorize the local population or even to catch a beast to feast upon. The hunter

Happiness is Boiling a Pot of Wort

By Dan Yarnall Ninety-nine percent of all professional brewers started out as homebrewers.  For me, it was a weird desire to tinker over a boiling pot of wort in my one bedroom apartment back in 1995.  Many of my friends and family at the time would scratch their heads and wonder why.  I rambled on

I’ll Be The Judge of That!

By Mark Thompson August is Virginia Craft Beer Month, a time that celebrates the world class beers coming out of the Commonwealth.  During the entire month of August many of the 80-plus craft breweries in the state rejoice in the occasion to showcase their craft.  The month culminates with the Virginia Craft Beer Festival in

A Tale of Two Festivals

By Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones Virginia is no slouch when it comes to festivals, however the plethora of beer festivals that have sprouted in the Birthplace of Presidents like ‘shrooms after a summer rain make us as happy as clams at high tide.  As our focus is Virginia craft beer, we want to turn

Beer is King in Colonial Virginia!

By Jennifer McDonald With August being Virginia Craft Beer month, it seems appropriate to explore the early days of Virginia’s beer culture.  I recently had the opportunity to meet with Frank Clark, Master of Historic Foodways at Colonial Williamsburg, and get a history lesson on beer and brewing in Colonial Virginia. Beer was the beverage

A Taste of the Past

              By Jennifer McDonald In colonial times, taverns served a multi-purpose function.  You could eat, drink, sleep, and stable your horse at one of the many (18 at one point) taverns in the Capital city.  Today, Colonial Williamsburg features four taverns – King’s Arm, Christiana Campbell’s, Shields, and Chowning’s. 

Making Headway at Beltway

By Jefferson Evans and Chuck Triplett When you walk through the doors of Beltway Brewing Company in Sterling, Virginia you are immediately struck by a couple of things – that this is one big, clean, modern, shiny brewery, and that they have lots of space, with more space on the way by the time you