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Married with a Blue Mountain View: An interview with Taylor and Mandi Smack

Married with a Blue Mountain View: An interview with Taylor and Mandi Smack

By Jeff Maisey   For most couples, being married with two children tends to dominate life when multi-tasking to get the kids off to school or soccer practice while managing to put-in a 9-5 day at the job and get supper on the table before homework and bedtime. So what happens then when you are

National Beer Expo Returns to RVA in July

By Lee Graves Finding a reason to celebrate the explosive growth of craft beer is as easy as I-P-A-B-C. The nation now boasts more than 3,400 breweries. Annual production grew by nearly 18 percent last year. Craft beer reached a high-water mark with 11 percent of the total market. And the creativity of brewers is

IPA Border Crossing

By Jeff Maisey   What do you get when you mix two of the finest IPAs (India Pale Ale) brewed in Virginia? 40 Mile to the Border Agave IPA, of course. Unlike most collaborations between brew masters in the craft beer industry where unique, over-the-top concoctions are formulated to impress even the most geeky enthusiast,

3 Brothers Now Brothers Craft Brewing

Harrisonburg’s Three Brothers Brewing Company changed its name in April to Brothers Craft Brewing. The brewery made the announcement on its website with an explanation titled “Why stop at three?” “Due to a minor legal issue concerning another craft brewery located outside of Virginia, had we chosen to remain Three Brothers, our future distribution would

Craft Beer is a Home Run at Ballparks

By Jeff Maisey It’s a steamy Friday night in July. The baseball stadium is packed with fans. The team mascot paces the sidelines waving its arms and shoots T-shirts into the stands with his air cannon device. The home players emerge from the dugout and take the field. The first pitch is a fastball straight