Monthly Archives: February 2016

Oliver’s Twist: Devils Backbone explores extremes for 2016 Collaboration Adventure Pack

By Jeff Maisey   Devils Backbone Brewing Company brewmaster Jason Oliver pushed the limits of his brewery’s new 120-barrel production facility in Lexington during the brewing process for DB’s upcoming, limited edition winter 2016 Collaboration Adventure Pack. All of the brewing took place in Lexington during the month of October. Invited to participate were brewers

2016 State of the Commonwealth’s Craft Beer Industry

By JEFF MAISEY   Virginia’s craft beer culture has rocketed into an exciting orbit since SB604 was passed. At last year’s Virginia Craft Brewers Guild winter meeting Brett Vassey, president of the Guild and its parent organization, the Virginia Manufactures Association, announced the Commonwealth was home to 101 breweries. Now, in February, Vassey will celebrate

Eye-Popping Labels for South Street Brewery

By Jeremy Bender South Street Brewery, in downtown C-Ville, with Watermark Design has come up with some outrageously cool labels for one of the brewery’s more experimental series. “We wanted our 750’s and our Barstools and Dreamers series to be high-end in every possible way:  foiled labels, individual die-cuts, intricate designs,” said Mandi Smack of

The Call of the Commonwealth, The Bond of the Brew at The Virginia Beer Co.

  By Annie Tobey   Williamsburg’s historic college, William & Mary, introduced Robby Willey and Chris Smith. They became fast friends, their bond cemented in part by a shared appreciation for craft beer. Their craft explorations began at Green Leafe Café in Williamsburg and continued post-graduation, as together they visited breweries throughout the U.S. Their