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James River Brewery Wins Cup

James River Brewery Wins Cup

By Jeff Maisey James River Brewery won the 5th annual Virginia Craft Brewers’ Cup by scoring Best in Show for its River Runner ESB. Here is the complete list of medalists: The 2016 Virginia Craft Brewers Cup winners are as follows: Best of Show  First Place Best of Show, James River Brewery, River Runner ESB Second Place

Going Big in Petersburg with Trapezium Brewing Company

Words by Steve Deason & Jeff Maisey. Photo by Kathy Keeney When asked why the first beer he brewed at Trapezium was a Czech Pilsner when he had never brewed a lager before, Brewmaster James Frazer answered, “You gotta go big.  This whole project has gone big. It was a calculated risk and that’s the process

Beer and Music Lovers are Flockin’ to Lockn’ Festival

By Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones Festival culture has deep historical roots. Multi-day festivals of music, dance, drinking, and fellowship have always been part of human culture. While many of us think of Woodstock as the origin of “festival culture,” the ancient Romans had Saturnalia, the Greeks celebrated Dionysia, and the early Egyptians partied at

A Taste of Virginia Apples from 3 Richmond-Area Cideries

By Annie Tobey   While craft breweries dabble in the concept of terroir, that “taste of place” traditionally embraced by wineries, today’s craft cider makers also use local products to ferment their beverages. In a major U.S. apple-producing state, ranking sixth in the country in apple production, Virginia orchards provide cideries with plenty of local

Small Breweries That Self-Distribute in Virginia

By Annie Tobey Prohibition may have officially ended in 1933, but the effects of the temperance movement linger. One result of that “Great Experiment,” the three-tier system, declared that producers (breweries) were to sell their product to wholesale distributors, who in turn sold it to the restaurants, bars and retailers. Eighty years later, the system