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Core Brand Awareness in February

Core Brand Awareness in February

By Jeff Maisey Forbes recently posted an article by contributing writer Tara Nurin headlined “A New #FlagshipFebruary Campaign Aims to Save Core Beer Brands Before They Disappear.”  In the article, Stephen Beaumont, the journalist who is credited with creating the #FlagshipFebruary awareness campaign, is quoted as saying, “A lot of beer drinkers have developed a

Why Just One Lone Brewery in Arlington?

By Greg Kitsock Arlingtonians tend to be highly educated, well-to-do (median family income over $110,000) and, judging from the burgeoning bar scene, perennially thirsty. So why is Arlington County such a desert for breweries? Nearby Loudoun County has over 30 breweries serving a population of 398,000. If breweries were parceled out according to population, Arlington