From the ownersWe at Ammo Brewing would like to take a moment to announce that Ammo Brewing will be closing toward the end of August.

Ammo Brewing has from the first been a family operation and now family responsibilities have become too compelling to manage at the same time that we are operating a brewery and restaurant. The decision to put family first was an easy one to make, however coming to terms with the reality of actually closing has been very hard indeed. It is difficult to grapple with the fact that, in closing down, we will necessarily disappoint many people who have found joy in Ammo’s existence. We are so incredibly grateful to EVERYONE who has supported us and we have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share in your spirited celebrations as well as your contemplative moments.

We are proud of everything we were able to achieve with Ammo Brewing and none of it would have been possible without all of you who have cheered us on and kept us rolling. We are also terribly proud of our two core Ammo staff members, Malcolm and Lindsey, whom many of you have gotten to know over the last three years. They are both ready to move on now, Malcolm to pursue new challenges in the world of brewing and Lindsey to begin studies to achieve her dream of becoming a recreational therapist.

In every ending there is also a beginning — we look forward to constructing our path to a new beginning and we will carry with us in our hearts the fond memories of our Ammo days. Ammo Brewing may have been our business, but everyone who shared a few minutes or several hours with us became, in a small way, a part of our extended family. It remains only to say THANK-YOU so very much to you all and we hope to see our Ammo friends again as we all move forward in life.

With fond regards,

Terry and Ann