Green Flash Cans All East Coast Distribution

(Better Days in 2013: Green Flash owners Mike and Lisa Hinkley with then Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Maurice Jones at the groundbreaking in Virginia Beach)

Staff Report

According to a Green Flash regional sales rep, the San Diego-based craft brewery, which abruptly placed its Virginia Beach manufacturing facility and tasting room up for auction on Saturday morning, will effective immediately cease all distribution of its beer east of the Mississippi.

Ironically, Green Flash broke ground on the Virginia Beach site almost 5 years to the day in a much touted ceremony. After numerous delays, the $20 million brewery opened in November 2016 with the purpose of better serving its East Coast consumers with fresher product at a lower cost. Virginia Beach was also selected for its tourism draw and because the resort city is also home to the world’s largest military base (Norfolk/Virginia Beach market).

Cancelling all distribution from Maine to Florida isn’t a total surprise given the brewery’s newly stated mission to circle-the-wagons and focus on its core in California.


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