REVIEW: Starr Hill’s revamped Northern Lights IPA

web Review Starr Hill

Northern Lights IPA

Starr Hill Brewery

Crozet, VA

Starr Hill is in the process of rebranding and repackaging some of its flagship beers. In addition to all that visual stuff, they’ve also altered the recipes. In the case of Northern Lights IPA, which originally debuted in 2007, a more “hop-forward” approach has been taken by adding Falconer’s Flight, Simcoe and Centennial hops to the mainstay Columbus and Cascade. In a side-by-side analysis, the new version has a slightly darker hue. Both pour with a nice head. Put your nose to the glass. The new batch is noticeably more aromatic. To the taste, Northern Lights 2015 is slightly more bitter and less malty. We’d have to say mission accomplished. — Jeff Maisey


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