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Virginia Craft Brewers Guild Elects 2016-17 Leaders

Virginia Craft Brewers Guild Elects 2016-17 Leaders

On May 18, the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild held its annual spring meeting and its membership elected its new 2016-2017 Leadership Council. Eric McKay, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery will serve as Chair and Sten Sellier, Beltway Brewing will serve as Vice Chair.  Porter Hardy, Smartmouth Brewing and Hunter Smith, Champion Brewing Company will serve as

Art of Packaging: Standing Out on the Crowded Shelf

By Jeff Maisey   Adam Applegate, a relative newcomer to the world of craft beer, ventures off to a grocery store to purchase some brews to bring to a gathering of friends. Applegate is immediately overwhelmed by the selection of beer on the shelves of the retailer. While Applegate is aware of some brands he

Norfolk’s History with Beer

By Michael Wingfield   America has always been referred to as a “melting pot.”  Taking into consideration the wide range and cultural influence of the individual brewing cultures brought to this country by immigrant stocks, perhaps a more accurate description would be a “brew kettle.”  Legend has it that the famous pilgrims on the Mayflower