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9 VA Breweries Win Medals at 2018 Great American Beer Festival

9 VA Breweries Win Medals at 2018 Great American Beer Festival

(Fans of craft beer enjoy the 2018 Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Photo courtesy of Brewers Association) By Jeff Maisey Nine breweries from Virginia won medals at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado. Here are Virginia’s 2018 award winners.  GOLD MEDAL Lost Rhino Brewing Co., Shooter McMunn’s, Classic Irish-style Dry Stout

Small Breweries That Self-Distribute in Virginia

By Annie Tobey Prohibition may have officially ended in 1933, but the effects of the temperance movement linger. One result of that “Great Experiment,” the three-tier system, declared that producers (breweries) were to sell their product to wholesale distributors, who in turn sold it to the restaurants, bars and retailers. Eighty years later, the system

Eye-Popping Labels for South Street Brewery

By Jeremy Bender South Street Brewery, in downtown C-Ville, with Watermark Design has come up with some outrageously cool labels for one of the brewery’s more experimental series. “We wanted our 750’s and our Barstools and Dreamers series to be high-end in every possible way:  foiled labels, individual die-cuts, intricate designs,” said Mandi Smack of

Starr Hill Celebrates 16th Anniversary with Hopfetti Triple IPA

  Starr Hill Brewery is celebrating its sixteenth anniversary this September with the release of several rare beers, including the brand new Hopfetti Triple IPA, as well as a number of special events at the Tap Room in Crozet, Virginia.   As the second oldest craft brewery in Virginia, Starr Hill’s sixteen years in operation has

Pen Druid Brewing: Members of Psych-Rock Band Pontiak launch brewery in Sperryville

By Steve Deason   The three Carney brothers have toured for over ten years as the psych-rock band Pontiak.  Van says he and his brothers, Lain and Jennings, thought “wouldn’t it be cool once we have kids and aren’t hitting the road as much, to start a brewery.”    Western, the first baby for the group

Choosy Beer Lovers Choose the Virginia Craft Brewers Festival

By Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones   Practically every weekend there is a beer festival somewhere in Virginia. Yes, life is good. Back in the day when the craft beer scene was nascent we would go to every beer festival. Of course, there were only about two per year. These days it would be a

Married with a Blue Mountain View: An interview with Taylor and Mandi Smack

By Jeff Maisey   For most couples, being married with two children tends to dominate life when multi-tasking to get the kids off to school or soccer practice while managing to put-in a 9-5 day at the job and get supper on the table before homework and bedtime. So what happens then when you are