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Green Flash Breaks Ground

Green Flash Breaks Ground

BY JEFF MAISEY   San Diego-based Green Flash Brewing Company became the first West Coast brewery to break ground in the Commonwealth of Virginia during a ceremony following their Treasure Chest Fest fundraiser in Virginia Beach in mid-October. Mike and Lisa Hinkley established the brewery in 2002. Both were present for the two-day festivities. Invitations

Norfolk’s History with Beer

By Michael Wingfield   America has always been referred to as a “melting pot.”  Taking into consideration the wide range and cultural influence of the individual brewing cultures brought to this country by immigrant stocks, perhaps a more accurate description would be a “brew kettle.”  Legend has it that the famous pilgrims on the Mayflower

Yeast is the Beast: How three scientists in Virginia are improving your craft beer 

Words & Photos by Steve Deason Yeast is like the “Rodney Dangerfield” of craft beer.   It doesn’t get any respect.  Craft beer drinkers talk endlessly about hops.  For a dark beer, you might even hear them mention the wonderful chocolate malt.   Doubtful you’ll hear much about what great yeast this is or where it came