(A nice pour of Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company’s Precambrian Helles Lager. Photo courtesy of the brewery.) 

By Jennifer Waldera

In 2015, Barbara and Joe Evers planted vines on their vast land in beautiful Mineral, Virginia with eyes set on realizing their ambitions to produce top quality wine from grapes grown in Louisa County’s rich soil. Now, Everleigh Vineyards has expanded its homegrown family business to include the production of beer and cider.

While the boutique winery had already been offering beers from other local breweries in its own unique, newly constructed two-story tasting room, in December of 2022 they began serving their own brews produced by the couples’ son Ryan.

“We started exploring the idea of a brewery once we came to the realization that having

beer would allow us to provide a quality beverage for most anyone who would walk through our doors,” said Barbara Evers. 

Ryan had previously explored home-brewing beer with his father Joe and other siblings and also was afforded the opportunity to learn how to produce on a larger scale when making cider.

Since the brewery is fairly new, their flagship beers aren’t determined just yet but Barbara says that old world styles are a big part of their beer and cider production. 

“Old world influences are fairly strong with what we plan on producing when it comes to the beer and cider. Traditional styles such as pilsners and brown ales that also have a bit of a new twist here and there. Newer styles that have come to prominence in recent years will, of course, also make appearances on our tap list so we’re hoping for a fun and refreshing mix of products here.”

So far the brewery has produced several beers and ciders including a Helles style lager, a dry cider made with Wickson crab apples, and a brown ale. They also plan to have seasonal beers.

The brewery and cidery sources some of their ingredients locally including apples from Silver Creek Orchards in Tyro, Virginia, but they also get malts and hops from suppliers such as BSG. They do have plans to eventually grow their own barley on their farm and are working on sourcing local malt as well. 

If you want eats to go along with their craft brews, food trucks are regularly on hand to provide sustenance for sippers and swillers, but they also offer some small plate options as well. Charcuterie boards, hummus plates, pretzels, and other small snacks are available in the tasting room.

Everleigh offers opportunities for hosting private events, but visitors can pop in for their organized public events as well, including the likes of oyster roasts and live music. 

As for the name of the vineyard, cidery, and brewery that is a perfect rural escape, Barbara gave some insight. 

“Everleigh is a sort of play on words here, my husband is a practicing physician who has also taken on the responsibility of opening a small business in what free time he has. So Ever

comes from our last names Evers, and the leigh comes from old Scottish/Irish influences

meaning either healer or meadow.”

Who wouldn’t want the type of healing that comes from relaxing and enjoying the trifecta of beer, wine, and cider in an amazingly designed tasting room, or outside overlooking nature, in one of the most rural vineyards or breweries in central Virginia?