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Virginia is for LockN’ Lovers

Virginia is for LockN’ Lovers

By Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones Beer and music festivals go together like yin and yang. However, it’s a bona fide buzzkill when your festival beer choices are limited to domestic lagers, and a search for the “craft beer tent” leads you to Blue Moon or Shocktop but no beers brewed nearby when there are

Lockn’ Lovibond

By Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones The Lovibond scale, used to measure the color of beer and the grains used to brew it, was developed by brewer Joseph Lovibond in the 1870s. The brilliant hues illuminated by sunlight streaming through stained glass at the gothic Salisbury Cathedral in his British homeland provided Lovibond inspiration to

Beer and Music Lovers are Flockin’ to Lockn’ Festival

By Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones Festival culture has deep historical roots. Multi-day festivals of music, dance, drinking, and fellowship have always been part of human culture. While many of us think of Woodstock as the origin of “festival culture,” the ancient Romans had Saturnalia, the Greeks celebrated Dionysia, and the early Egyptians partied at

Lockn’ is for Beer Lovers

Words and Photos by Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones   Where in Virginia can you lounge on the grass, listen or dance to a line-up of over forty live musical acts and sip freely from a red solo cup filled with your choice of over two dozen craft beers?  In your dreams, right? Most concerts,