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Married with a Blue Mountain View: An interview with Taylor and Mandi Smack

Married with a Blue Mountain View: An interview with Taylor and Mandi Smack

By Jeff Maisey   For most couples, being married with two children tends to dominate life when multi-tasking to get the kids off to school or soccer practice while managing to put-in a 9-5 day at the job and get supper on the table before homework and bedtime. So what happens then when you are

3 Brothers Now Brothers Craft Brewing

Harrisonburg’s Three Brothers Brewing Company changed its name in April to Brothers Craft Brewing. The brewery made the announcement on its website with an explanation titled “Why stop at three?” “Due to a minor legal issue concerning another craft brewery located outside of Virginia, had we chosen to remain Three Brothers, our future distribution would

New Historic Beers Brewing at Alewerks

By JEFF MAISEY   What’s old is new again. That seemingly is the guiding principle of the craft beer revolution exploding across America – and especially Colonial Williamsburg. The Founding Fathers – everyone from George Washington and Ben Franklin to Samuel Adams and Paul Revere – were famously in need of daily quantities of ale

BOOK REVIEW: Richmond Beer

By Jeff Maisey   With all the hoopla surrounding Stone Brewing Company’s highly publicized search for an east coast location and the ultimate selection of Richmond as its destination facility, perhaps timing couldn’t have been better for the release of Lee Grave’s Richmond Beer: A History of Brewing in the River City. Over the course

Norfolk’s History with Beer

By Michael Wingfield   America has always been referred to as a “melting pot.”  Taking into consideration the wide range and cultural influence of the individual brewing cultures brought to this country by immigrant stocks, perhaps a more accurate description would be a “brew kettle.”  Legend has it that the famous pilgrims on the Mayflower

Yeast is the Beast: How three scientists in Virginia are improving your craft beer 

Words & Photos by Steve Deason Yeast is like the “Rodney Dangerfield” of craft beer.   It doesn’t get any respect.  Craft beer drinkers talk endlessly about hops.  For a dark beer, you might even hear them mention the wonderful chocolate malt.   Doubtful you’ll hear much about what great yeast this is or where it came