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Castleburg: A Modern Fairy Tale with Medieval Trappings

Castleburg: A Modern Fairy Tale with Medieval Trappings

By Wade Reynolds You’ve heard this one before—sort of: Boy meets girl. Girl gives boy a home brewer’s kit. Boy makes beer and rises rapidly through the ranks of local home brewers. Boy and girl open a craft brewery and live happily ever after. Although there’s a little more to it than this brief Reader’s

Steam Bell Beer Works: Another first for Chesterfield County

Story and Photos by Steve Deason Brewer Brad Cooper is proud of his name but not for the reason you are probably guessing.    A cooper is a person who makes wooden vessels bound together by hoops such as casks or barrels.    Cooper named his new brewery Steam Bell Beer Works after a device used by

Drink and Think Strange

By Robey Martin It all started at a SB 604 and HB 359 signing party. Not the idea of a brewery, Neil Burton had that already. But the partnership. Mike Hiller and Burton, his now partner/co-owner, have only known each other a short time, a little over two years. “I was visiting from Northern Virginia

First Cans Sold in Richmond

By Diane Catanzaro & Chris Jones The first canned beer sold in the USA was sold in Richmond, Virginia, way back in 1935. The Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company, a New Jersey-based brewery, test marketed canned Krueger’s Cream Ale and Krueger’s Finest Beer in Richmond instead of the Garden State just in case the can concept

Three Notch’d Brewing Company

Three Notch’d Brewing Company By Jennifer McDonald “The British are coming! The British are coming!” Paul Revere, right? Well, yes, but did you know that there was another lesser known, but equally important hero who also warned of an impending British attack. His name was Jack Jouett. In June of 1781, Jouett learned that General