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2 Silos Elevates Brewery Experience

2 Silos Elevates Brewery Experience

By Jefferson Evans and Jeff Maisey If you’ve ever been to a traditional family farm you might have noticed a number of buildings and spaces, each designated with a specific purpose. There’d be the main farm house serving as the family living quarters, an exterior chicken coop, pig pin, fields for crops and maybe a

BEST BEER: NoVA Beats Hampton Roads 21-19

By Jeff Maisey (Photo courtesy of Fairfax Tourism) Which region won the most medals recently at the Virginia Craft Brewers Cup Awards? Northern Virginia edged out Hampton Roads/Coastal Virginia as the top region for 2017. Here’s the medal count by region: Northern Virginia (21 medals) Hampton Roads (19 medals) Richmond Region (15 medals) Charlottesville/Harrisonburg/Nelson County

Lost Rhino’s Jasper Akerboom – Northern Virginia’s Professor of the Microbial Arts

By Jefferson Evans and Chuck Triplett When you are a brewer in northern Virginia and the Greater D.C. Metro Area and you need help obtaining or taming those microscopic beasties that are the little engines that turn sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide while also generating a wide range of flavor imparting compounds, who you

Making Headway at Beltway

By Jefferson Evans and Chuck Triplett When you walk through the doors of Beltway Brewing Company in Sterling, Virginia you are immediately struck by a couple of things – that this is one big, clean, modern, shiny brewery, and that they have lots of space, with more space on the way by the time you